Who are Veksa? – The Growth Specialists

About Us

Veksa was set up by 3 individuals, all passionate about helping small businesses grow

These individuals are from very different backgrounds, who add up to more than the sum of their parts.

Collectively this experience creates an ideal blend for high impact growth – The Growth Specialists.

Everyone has their merits, from old school “analogue” to new age “digital tech genius”. And we see it in our own business. In other words, Jonathan is most definitely “analogue”.  And could even be described as old school. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge. Therefore, he doesn’t however, have the technical know-how of Aleem and his team. Together they make a formidable pair. Therefore, why not help us to harness your knowledge of your own business, with Jonathan’s business wisdom and expertise and Aleem’s technical mastery, to create a plan with huge impact, which we will execute boldly. As a result, we are all about growth. It’s our whole reason for existing. Incidentally the name Veksa is an anglisisation of a Swedish word, växa, which means to grow. Abbie, one of our founders is half Swedish and brought up in Sweden. The name seemed like a good fit.

Veksa is a UK business growth specialist

Veksa is divided into 3 divisions to reflect the distinct parts of the business and the different branches of technology. However, they are all joined in a common purpose. Explosive growth.

These divisions are supported by more than 20 professionals, ranging from growth consultants, web and app developers to blockchain and NFT specialists. There is also a separate team for ML (machine learning) and AI (artificial intelligence).  Each team member specialises in and is devoted to a particular discipline.  

The qualifications in the team vary from masters in internet of things, software engineering to computer science.  In other words “boffins”..

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