PPC (Pay Per Click)

Pay Per Click

Veksa: a digital marketing firm specialising in PPC

Veksa: A Digital Marketing firm Specialising in PPC

An expert Google PPC and paid advertising agency.

To clarify, Pay Per Click is a type of advertising where the advertiser pays a fee when that ad is clicked.

And, the audience can be selected using criteria such as: their 

  • Interests
  • Demographics
  • Keywords
  • Placement
  • Remarketing

To be clear, the above criteria makes it extremely targeted.

In addition, it is a very cost effective, efficient and rapid method of advertising your product or service to the right audience. Also, you can set your daily amounts and work to any budget no matter how big or small.

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PPC for lead generation - generate high quality business leads

PPC for Lead Generation - Generate High Quality Busienss Leads

Undoubtedly, Google PPC and other Pay-per-Click models are ideal for driving targeted visitors to your website to convert to new business leads.

Of course, our aim is always to maximise and improve the return on advertising spend for our clients. Indeed, we understand how important it is to see your advertising spend pay dividends. And quickly… as with Google PPC, you only pay when your ad is clicked on.

The Veksa team of PPC experts, based in the UK, India and Pakistan, are experienced in creating as well as executing all types of paid marketing campaigns, including Google and Bing PPC, social media advertising, retargeting PPC advertising and also affiliate marketing.

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Veksa’s plans are scalable and flexible to suit your business needs

Veksa’s Plans are Scalable and Flexible

Importantly, Veksa understands the demands on business today, particularly on finances and resources. So, we want you to be able to scale accordingly and work with us, without the stress of long-term financial commitment.

That being said, it is worth remembering that digital marketing is a long-term investment and if you stop and start a campaign it will be detrimental to its efficacy.  In other words, the longer a campaign runs, the more momentum it will gain.

In addition, Google PPC also works best when used in conjunction with other digital growth services.

To sum up, Veksa will work with you to plan the best combination of services and platforms to grow your business as rapidly and cost effectively as possible.

How do we run a PPC campaign to supercharge your business?

What We Will Do for You?

  • Manage your monthly PPC spend with the PPC networks (Google, Bing).
  • Incorporate 1500 keywords in your campaign
  • Advanced keyword research & selection
  • Ongoing keyword development & tweaking
  • Google display network
  • Gmail competitor ads
  • Google customer match & audience match
  • Initial campaign development & strategy
  • Industry analysis
  • Ad campaign copywriting
  • Dynamic keyword insertion into ads
  • Google analytics integration & goal tracking
  • Results analysis & reporting
  • Strategic bid management
  • PPC account settings monitoring (e.g., geotargeting)
  • Manage campaigns through the client’s Google Ads account (the client will retain admin/owner access of all campaigns created)
  • Monitor clicks, conversions & click fraud activity
  • Setup & management of rule-based bidding
  • Monthly performance & analysis reporting
  • Include setup prices in the overall cost
  • Include the banner’s ad design displays in the overall cost.

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We get to know your business and create an ROI driven PPC campaign

Getting to Know your Business

Firstly, before we undertake any campaign, we make it our business to get to know your business. For this reason, we ask our clients to carry out a SWOT analysis. So, by understanding your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, we can work out how best to grow your business in line with your business plan. Certainly, with a good understanding of your company we can formulate the best strategy and generate new business leads.

Indeed, Veksa are foremost digital growth consultants and our strategy will focus on how we can drive the right visitors to your website and how to convert them to new business leads.

Veksa will help to drive traffic to your website and create revenue by:

Veksa will help to drive traffic to your website and create revenue by

  • Identifying your audience and taking your business to them
  • As well as, generating a self-sustainable new business cycle by leveraging the sales funnel metrics of:
    • Awareness
    • Activation
    • Acquisition
    • Retention
    • Referral
    • Revenue
  • We will do this by creating compelling offers, referral schemes and using landing pages with calls to action directing visitors to purchase or perform another desired action
  • Also, we will identify very specific keywords, including negative, keywords, local geo-specific keywords and niche long-tail keywords and phrases as well as keywords with purchase intent.
  • Create and edit video ads, search ads, mobile ads and display ads accordingly