What Are Dapps?

What is a dApp?

dApps is the abbreviated term for a decentralised application. Just as any developer can build apps for the App Store on Apple’s IOS operating system, developers can (also) build on top of Ethereum’s blockchain infrastructure.

Basically, this means that it is not hosted on a centralised server, but instead on a peer-to-peer decentralised network. 

Ethereum, is a decentralised network, that removes the need for intermediaries to process transactions, as this is replaced by code. We won’t go into too much detail now, as it is quite in-depth. However, please see just a brief explanation below. Very happy to discuss this in more detail face to face. 

How they work

To the end user, a dApp might not look and feel any differentthan other apps used today. However, dApps are powered by the blockchain; and this makes them different – and perhaps… far superior.

Running dApps on the blockchain also offers added security benefits. Since the transactions are distributed and encrypted across the Ethereum blockchain, there is no central place for a hacker to breach and gain access.

Ethereum is perhaps the best platform for building dApps. Thanks to its very own language, Solidity, it enables developers to form smart contracts using the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Using these tools, developers have created dApps with use cases ranging from gaming to social media and real estate. Other uses include: supply chain management, creating traceable supply chain processes, identity verification with individuals and businesses having control over their personal information, crowd funding and fundraising, with blockchain based crowdfunding platforms, businesses can raise funds from a global audience without intermediaries, intellectual property and copyright protection, dapps can help safeguard intellectual property rights by providing immutable records of ownership and timestamped proofs of creation.

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