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Content marketing is a blanket term, involving the process of creating and sharing content online, which isn’t always directly promoting or selling a product or service. The purpose of content marketing is to drive visitors to a website, by engaging an audience and retaining their interest.

Making sure content is useful and valuable to your clients is key. It is also free and ultimately strategically aligned to your business’ goals. Always with a view to ultimately monetise to generate revenue and growth.

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Veksa is a content marketing agency and our content marketing experts can help your business with the following services:

· Blog Growth

· Email Marketing

· Visual Content

· Infographics

· Video

· Social Media Posts

· Guest Blogging

Veksa will work with you to create content that gets your business noticed.

We are a digital growth agency; our aim is always to grow your business and increase revenue. Helping you to create quality content, which is aligned with your business plan and goals.

Data driven strategies for success

Data driven

As with every service we provide we are driven by data. We will provide you with the awareness you need to create strategic content, which gets results.

Insights into your business will arm us with what we need to provide you with the right plan to deliver content to your target audience for maximum growth.

We usually ask our clients to fill out a SWOT analysis so they can identify their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It helps us to see what drives them and what their goals are and who their customer base is, so we can plan accordingly.

Understand your customer persona and increase your conversion rate

Customer persona

Understanding your customer persona is key to content marketing and also for keyword selection.

B2C tends to be a quicker more instant process, with customers being asked to make a quick decision and purchase. With B2B, the buying process tends to be longer and content marketing really matters.

Buyers want to know they can trust the company they are buying from. Decisions often involve large amounts of money, so there may be more research around the buying decision. Content marketing can help to influence this decision, so we make sure our campaigns are developed with the decision makers in mind.

Social Media Channels

We aim for increased revenue and growth

What we are aiming to achieve

  • Drive traffic to your website and landing pages
  • Build a relationship and rapport with your audience
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your area
  • Generate brand awareness through social shares
  • Improve SEO, create backlinks and move up the search engine results pages
  • Bring about new business leads
  • Revenue, revenue, revenue

The aim of content marketing is to build an audience, which can eventually be monetised.

Develop a Content Strategy

Content strategy

Veksa will work in collaboration with you to create a content strategy, which engages your audience. We will aim to create interest and conversation around your brand, which will eventually lead to monetisation and increased revenue.

Successful copywriting for digital marketing content


The team at Veksa can direct you and recommend keywords and topics to blog or create content around. Alternatively, we can help with blog writing, thought leadership and other written content.

Promoting your content for maximum exposure

Promoting your content

Some of the services we will use include, PPC, social media posting, social media ads, blogging, guest blogging and more, to share your content and to engage with your audience.

Impressive editing and production to get your business noticed

Video editing & production

Always on hand, Veksa has a team of technical experts ready to create the most engaging and shareable content. We have video editors ready to ensure your content will stand out from the crowd and get you noticed.

Data analysts and experts drive results

Data analysts and experts

In addition, Veksa are experts in data analysis as well as technical wizards. We will test and analyse content and tweak and amend accordingly, to make sure it is optimised and making maximum impact.

Work with us now to take your business the next level

Work with us

If you choose to work with Veksa you can rest assured that your content marketing will be in safe hands. We will kick off with a well-researched and structured content plan to generate interest and awareness. Our strategies are always focused on growth. It may not be immediately obvious, but content is always created with the aim of generating revenue to grow your business and we never lose sight of that.

Clearly, we can be as involved in the content creation process as you would like us to be. For example, we can write and oversee your blog writing, or we can simply recommend which topics to blog around and keywords and long tail keywords and phrases to include.

Our team of experts can create video content or edit and adapt what you have. Always ensuring it is sharable and adaptable for different platforms.

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Veksa’s CRO (conversion rate optimisation) service can be used very effectively in conjunction with content marketing. The traffic we drive to to your website or landing pages can then be encouraged to perform a desired action. This will produce new business leads, which will eventually lead to revenue and growth for your business. Traffic generated from content marketing can then be reported on and analysed in order to enter the sales funnel. These leads, will eventually become part of the self-sustainable sales cycle, we are always striving for.

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